December, 2015 Edition

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Welcome to the December edition of The Downey upBeat.  This month we continue our enjoyment of the holiday season and all the joy it brings.  Please remember to share any photos and/or information you would like to see published in the newsletter to  Next month, in anticipation of Downey Co-op’s 50th anniversary celebration, we will begin a monthly profile of a Downey alum or a person whose life has been touched by the co-op.  If you have an idea of someone who should be profiled, please let us know.  Happy Holidays!



As we move into the start of winter and the end of 2015, we’ve already accomplished so much as a group and individually!  You’re a rock star in the classroom now, your poinsettias are delivered, and hopefully you’ve had a chance to meet more parents and socialize.  If you’ve felt at all overwhelmed by the first half of the school year, now is the time to take a breath, look at all you’ve done to make our community better, and settle into the warmth of the holiday season.

We hope that you’re planning to join us for a low-key Holiday Party on December 9th, 6-8pm, in Century Hall.  The kids (and you, too, if you want!) are welcome to wear their favorite PJs as we watch a holiday movie, decorate cookies, and personalize popcorn with exciting toppings!



The Frog Log

November seemed to fly by in the Frog classroom!  We spent the month of November learning about how crops, especially corn, are harvested and why.  We enjoyed the texture of cornmeal as we practiced writing one another’s names, examined the differences between the corn kernels in our sensory table and the popcorn kernels that we popped and tasted, made our own individual cornbread, and also created our own colorful ears of corn using paint and bubble wrap.


In December, the Frogs will spend time talking about how animals prepare for the cold winter season.  We’ll begin the month with a field trip to Holliday Park and see if we can find a few animals in action as we hike their trails.Bird_Wearing_Hat

*Reminder of the Frog class coffee at Katie’s house after our field trip on Wednesday, December 2nd!

Mrs. Lovold

The Polliwog Blog

IMG_2099The Polliwogs explored the wonderful world of corn in November.  I think they would all say that the highlight of corn is being able to pop it into popcorn.  We enjoyed this activity so much we had to do it twice!  (If you’re unsure of how the process works, feel free to ask Ellie!)  After examining the difference between pre-popped kernels and kernels that failed to pop, the children decided we should start an experiment by planting both types.  Make sure to check out the progress of the Brown and Yellow teams when you come in the classroom.


In December, the Polliwogs will talk about the differences between how animals and humans prepare for winter.  We will take a field trip to Gymnastics Unlimited on Thursday, December 3rd to use our muscles and energy—no time for hibernating when you’re 3 and 4!

Mrs. Lovold

Tadpole Tidbits

The Tadpoles are doing well.  They are a lively group and fun to be with.  Most have settled into our Tadpole routine.  Tuesday/Thursday’s favorite book is “No, David”, by David Shannon, and Wednesday/Friday’s favorite book is “Sheep in a Jeep” by Nancy Shaw.  Both classes prefer water in the sensory table, but we still change it up every now and then.  Our play dough is always fun because it smells so delicious sometimes kiddos will take a wee little sample.  (It is never as good as it smells.)  They are experts at repairing puzzles.


December our colors will be red and green.  The Tadpoles will try their little fingers at beading preschool style.  We will start big and then go small.  We’ll say goodbye to fall and welcome winter with open arms.  Remember to bring in a warm change of clothes.  We do go outside in the winter in the cold so please be prepared.  The fresh air keeps us healthy and sane.  🙂  We might try our hand at baking.  We didn’t get to it in November which was best with all the coughing and sneezing.  My goal is December 15 and 16.  I’ll keep you posted.


That is how it is in the Tadpole room.  Sometimes what I have planned works, and sometimes it doesn’t – a structured go with the flow.

Thanks for choosing Downey.  Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Egan


What's Happening


CONGRATULATIONS to all on a successful poinsettia sale!  The school made over $3,600.00, with proceeds going directly to the operation budget of the school.  Thanks to all of the Downey families who worked so hard selling poinsettias and volunteering on Delivery Day!

While it was very much a team effort, I want to mention a few families who went above and beyond selling poinsettias for Downey.  The Lloyd-Hostetter family (Royal in Frogs) sold 77 plants.  The Young family (Ramona in Frogs and Miles in Tadpoles) sold 53 plants.  The Wilson family (Carley in Frogs) sold 45 plants, and Carley’s grandmother Cindy sold another 30 plants to the members of Downey church.   If you see these families, be sure to give them a high five and tell them great job!  Also, Brian Shanahan, who is our contact at Farm Bureau, facilitated the sale of 88 plants to Farm Bureau offices.  Brian’s wife is a former Downey teacher, and his children went to school here.  If you know him, be sure to tell him thanks!




A tip from November’s nutrition parent ed event:

Add extra power to an already healthy snack by putting some kale through your food processor and sprinkling the fine powder on popcorn. You can experiment with popcorn in lots of ways — look for ideas on Pinterest or other search sites.

More parent ed opportunities

Tuesday, January 19, 6:30-7:30 at Downey
The Art of Early Reading and Writing, video and discussion provided by Butler University’s Indiana Partnership for Young Writers.

Wednesday, March 2, 6:30-7:30 at Downey
Math in Your Feet & Other Everyday Places with former percussive dancer and teaching artist Malke Rosenfeld.  Bring the kids!

April event TBA.



Save Your Items for SPRING SALE

Plans are underway for a rummage sale with proceeds to benefit Downey Co-op.  This will likely be  the weekend after the Easter Egg Hunt.  If you plan to sort through possessions any time soon, hang on to them if you’d like to participate in this event to help the school.


This is a very special year at Downey, as it marks the 50th Anniversary of our pre-school!  Plans are underway to mark the occasion, likely in conjunction with our annual end-of-year picnic, and if you have ideas for a celebration or would like to help on a 50th anniversary committee, please contact Erin or Mindy.  Will be fun!



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