Parent Education event tomorrow

Downey Cooperative Preschool will host a Parent Ed Event Wednesday, Feb. 25 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in Downey’s Century Hall.

At Downey, we’re lucky to have great opportunities all around us to teach our kids about conservation and energy efficiency. Composting, recycling, rain barrels, gardens, and solar panels are an everyday part of life at Downey.

Join us at our next Parent Ed discussion where David Tryon will teach us about the conservation efforts we see around the building. We’ll learn how these efforts benefit the preschool and how we can try the same money-saving strategies at home.

We’ll finish off the evening with socializing and snacks while we make some fun hands-on science experiments that we can take home to share with our preschoolers.

Please go to the signup to RSVP for supply purposes:

This is an adult only Parent Ed. And don’t forget! So far, we’ve had five Parent Ed events, so this is one of our last Parent Ed opportunities. We’ll have one more Parent Ed event in April. As a reminder, your goal is to attend three Parent Ed events throughout the year.

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