What’s the rush?

Children learn when they are left alone to explore their environment at their own pace. Downey Preschool believes in child-led, play-based learning, and for a good reason. What’s the rush? Check out the entirety of this lovely blog post at http://happinessishereblog.com/.

I won’t say ‘hurry up’, when you’ve stopped to smell the flowers.

I won’t rush you when you’re admiring the shape of the clouds.

I’ll let you lead me away to show me that interesting bug.

You’ll join in with what I’m doing, and we’ll go at your pace.

I’ll delight in the world, just like you do.

You’re learning, and I’m learning too.

This is important. This here is what life is really about. Thank you for showing me that.

from “Childhood: Why the Rush”

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