Family Expectations

When a family enrolls their child at Downey Co-op Preschool, they are making a commitment to share their time and resources.

Teacher-Led Orientation
A time to meet with the teacher and other parents in your child’s class to discuss expectations for the school year. Two hours prior to the start of school – usually mid-August.

Officer-Led Orientation
A meeting led by the Board to discuss school-wide expectations and to assign family jobs. Two hours prior to the start of school – usually an evening in late July or early August.

Family Job
Each family will receive a job assignment that helps with the running of the school (ie. housekeeping, field trip coordinator, art chair, librarian, etc.). Here is a list of some of the jobs available: Downey Family Jobs Summary.

Fundraising Responsibilities
Varies from year to year.

Cleaning Duties
Each family will have a shift where they deep clean their child’s classroom once per year.

Indianapolis Council of Preschool Cooperatives Participating Parent Training
First-time parents only; 6 hours in late September or early October (this is broken into 2 3-hour sessions occurring from 9am-12pm).

Parent Education Meetings
Four hours (attend two classes out of five offered) throughout the school year. These classes are for us to further enrich ourselves as parents, covering topics such as discipline, fire safety, CPR, healthy cooking, how to have fun as a parent, etc.

Work Night
Two to four hours in late March.

Downey Spring Egg Hunt
Each family is required to sign up to make cookies, frosting, help stuff eggs, monitor hunts, etc.

Classroom Time
Each family commits to being a teacher’s helper in their child’s classroom approximately twice a month, furnishing either a snack or a drink for Snack Time.